Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Life Update

I haven't written a while, and there are quite a number of reasons. If you've followed my blog, you'll know the main reason for my writing is it helps soothe my anxiety. I haven't posted in 3 months but honestly so much has happened...
  • I moved in with my boyfriend
  • I started counselling 
  • I bought a puppy
  • I lost my job

I told you quite a lot didn't I?

First things first - I moved in with my boyfriend to a beautiful town house. I love it here and feel I have finally settled somewhere I can call 'home'. I've not lived with my parents since I was 18 and went off to Uni, so I've moved a lot and not felt 'at home' for a while. Finally settling in here and having my own space with my own things, has definitely helped settle my mind a little too.

Counselling - I've been on a waiting list for counselling for almost 7 months, and finally I have started receiving the free service from my local GP surgery. It's a shame I had to wait so long, and only have a maximum of 6 sessions, but it's helping massively. I'll definitely be looking at continuing some sort of counselling after my sessions with the NHS end. 

I BOUGHT A FRIGGIN' PUPPER. Her name is Amber, and she is a Pomchi (half Pomeranian, half Chihuahua). She is so cute. Like I know I'm bias, but she's like the cutest baby fox you could ever imagine. She's starting to come out of her shell a bit now, although we've still only heard her bark twice! Potty training is stressful, but her cuteness overload is worth it. She doesn't leave my side. 

You can watch her growing up over on Instagram @AmberThePomchi

And to round this little update off, I have just been told my entire office is closing and all the roles will be moved to Scotland. I have 8 months to find a new job. Honestly, I panicked - freaked out. The saddest thing of all was watching grown men and women sob when we had the news. It's crap for me, but I'm very lucky I don't have any dependencies. I just really feel for those who do. After having a couple of days for the news to settle, I know I need to get up, dust myself off and make lemonade. I'm trying to be positive, and I know in the past when things haven't gone the way I thought, they've actually worked out better - so here's to positive thoughts!

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  1. You seem to love your canine friend a lot. Well, honestly you have all the reasons to. lol! Thanks for sharing this blog with us. Would love to learn more about you