Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Make-Up is NOT Gender Exclusive

What most of you - I would hope - understand is make-up is very much an expression of who you are. Of course you can, and people do, use it as a cover up; something to help lack of confidence and improves people's self worth. However, something make up isn't - is gender exclusive. 

Yes, make-up has historically been a woman's product, but this isn't the 1950's anymore. Other gender's are able to experiment and love make-up, too. I decided to take to one of the most brutally honest platforms - Twitter - to ask the question...

Well, it's true. Even Twitter has approved it. I got 100% of the votes on "It's not gender exclusive". And this is what some Tweeters had to say on the matter...

@BethEleanor_ says "@DatBlogDoe I love guys in makeup, why wouldn't you want flawless skin and chiselled cheeks?!"

@LambertsMarc says "@DatBlogDoe You should do whatever what makes you feel good. If a guy wants to rock highlighter he should do it."

@EmmysBeautyCave says "@DatBlogDoe if you are happy wearing it then nothing else matters"

Just for the record guys, I TOTALLY agree. If it makes you happy - do it! If something makes somebody else happy, and you disagree, why are you bothered? I can't believe it's 2017 and we still have to have this conversation. 

For one thing, men are KILLIN' it right now. And what's amazing is even global brands are acknowledging it. Maybelline have just hired Manny Guiterrez (a YouTuber). I mean just LOOK at the perfection...

Photo from +Manny Mua Instagram (@MannyMUA733)
And, in case you missed it, CoverGirl Cosmetics have also recently hired a man to front up their recent campaign. 17 year old James Charles absolutely owns his make-up game. 

Photo from @JamesCharles Instagram
If after looking at these pics you still think make-up is a female only past time, you must be blind - and definitely a bit jealous of those skills!

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