Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Purifying Facial Peel by Manuka Doctor

I've recently tried Manuka Doctor's products for the first time, my first product being their Brightening Oil. I'd heard many great things about them, and I saw this on offer and snatched it up. After falling in love with my Brightening Oil, Manuka Doctor got in touch and wanted to send me their Facial Peel* so I could try that, too! Kourtney Kardashian is a brand ambassador of theirs, and raves about their products all the time, and if it's good enough for Kourt, it's good enough for Mimi.

    Key Benefits 
    The mask is designed to work well on blemishes & blackheads and leave skin plumped & silky soft. Due to it being a peel, it also lifts dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal & purifies pores. The mask combines Purified Bee Venom & Manuka honey with fruit extracts & botanicals. 

What's the verdict?

It goes on really nicely; I just put it on with my fingers. You're suppsed to spread a thin, even layer around a clean face to ensure you can peel it off after around 20 minutes. To clean my face beforehand, I used the Manuka Doctor Foaming Facial Cleanser

Please avoid your eyebrows!! The peel proper sticks to your face, so if you got this on your brows it would STING.

It dries quite quickly, but takes a few minutes to go hard. It does get difficult to move your face, so be careful as it will pull the mask off prematurely, and you won't get the nice clean pull off you want!

After I took this off my face felt very smooth and fresh. Manuka Doctor advise that you follow the peel up with a toner, serum and moisturiser. 

It was definitely like a little spa treatment at home, and will keep using this beauty throughout the winter when your skin needs that little extra loving.

Do you use any products with honey in? What are your thoughts on it?

You can buy the Manuka Doctor Facial Peel, here.
*You can read my full disclaimer, here.

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