Wednesday, September 07, 2016

How to Make Your Foundation Flawless

Items needed: 
  • Beauty Blender
  • Setting Spray

I was recently binge-watching some YouTube videos (we all do it, right?) and I came across this one from Olena Mishchenko. I watched, and couldn't get over a simple, yet so effective make-up hack! 

So - the basic run down, do your base (that being your primers, foundations, concealers) then spray your face with your Setting Spray (I use this one from Avon). Spray it so the surface of your face is damp, but not soaking. 

Then... wait for the setting spray to go tacky - just like Olena explains how you do for your false eyelash glue. When the wait is over, go over your face with your Beauty Blender and push the foundation in. 

Remember to bounce the blender, not drag.

AND WA-LA! Say hello to a flawless finish, and it'll stay put. I've put it to the test - it works!

This honestly makes such a difference to the appearance of the make-up on your skin. My skin looks much more natural, as the base really gets pushed into your pores. Nice, simple and easy!

Do you have any make-up hacks to share?

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