Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How To Keep Bleached Hair Hydrated

Is your hair parched from too much faffing, heat and bleach? I feel ya. I have just the solution to re-hydrate your poor frazzled, dry hair.

My hair has been through every colour in the rainbow, and then some. Luckily, I have very strong, thick hair. However, eventually, bleach definitely takes a toll regardless of the state of your natural hair. My hair just wasn't in the condition I was used to and about 6 months ago, I knew I needed to change something in my routine, to nurse it back to health and its full potential. 

What did I do?

Chopped It OFF

Firstly, I booked an appointment with my hairdressers (obvs, got the roots did whilst I was there) and had them cut about 4 inches of my hair off. I was hanging on to ends of my hair like there was no tomorrow, and it was never going to grow back. It was dead hair, and needed to go. 


Then I topped up on Aussie products. Like seriously, this stuff is fricking genius. How is it so good? Nothing works on my hair like it. It's like, insane. Mainly, I use a combination of their leave-in conditioners; Miracle Hair Insurance (protects and detangles) and Miracle Recharge (heat protection). 

Put it to WORK

I generously cover my hair after washing, and before drying in both of these, and I've not looked back. My hair is growing so much healthier, and staying that way too! The short term and long term affect got me sayin' MORE.

And she lived happily ever after

WALLAH. You done, girl. Work that UP DO and shine, shine, shine...

For ever, and ever?

Go that step further, and use their shampoo's and conditioners. I switch it up from time to time, using different versions, but my ultimate fave is their Take The Heat range. Their 3 Minute Miracale Workers, are just that. I usually leave it on for as long as I'm in the bath and give my hair a good ol' soaking, and when it's all dried, I literally cannot stop touching it. 

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