Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What Would a Twenty-Something Year Old Do?

Being twenty-something comes with immense pressures. This year I'll be turning 25, and the impending doom that if I applied for The X Factor (not that I ever could, I'd trump the chicken man) I'd be on the Over's category honestly makes me want to sob into one of my many, many blankets. The last year or so, my taste has gone from buying that little black dress, to buying as many knitted things I can get my hands on (don't get me wrong, I'd never turn down a little black dress).

Nothing comforts me more than sitting in my Super-King, with new PJs, a sitcom I've been binge watching on Netflix for a day or two and some fluffy socks. I can't be the only one who now shudders at the thought of standing awkwardly in a nightclub, complaining that everyone looks about 16 (seriously, when did they start letting children into clubs?).

It's funny how a year or so of aging can actually age you.

I now indulge in colouring, many baths (although this has always been a favourite of mine), lighting candles, buying bedding and most importantly not consuming alcohol. I really dislike the lack of control, and the amount of money you spend to not remember an evening of your life. I don't actually like the taste of alcohol, so I drink only on nights out, which kind of makes the whole thing a little pointless. 

I don't crave the weekend antics much anymore. Don't get me wrong, every now and then I'll have the urge to go and have a dance, but the last few times this has happened I've ended up in a 24 hour steakhouse, complaining about the weather and my feet; which means my friends are also lacking the urge of the slippery, sticky nightclub floor.

I don't have any regrets of my adolescent years; there's some things I'd probably change if I knew then what I know now, but I know I was young and you live and you learn. Like most of us there's definitely some stuff I'd love to have told my 18 year old self...

1. Live

Seriously, go - party, have fun. Life is stressful when you're 18, right? It only gets worse. And worse. Oh, yeah - and worse. The older you get the more stressful life is, so cherish the freedom you have when you have it. Don't worry - it's not all doom and gloom, you'll have some of the best moments of your life when you're older, but deciding to go to a nightclub at 11pm won't be an option when you have work at 8:30 the next morning (or maybe you will, in that case you're braver than me).

2. Save

I'm in my mid-twenties and have only recently actually started saving any money. The sudden realisation that I may hit 30 with no home to call my own came crashing down some time last year, and all I thought was how much money I could've saved by now, even if it was a small amount every month. I'm not saying don't splash out every now and then, but when you get a nice amount of money for a birthday or a holiday, put it away. Future you will thank past you, as future you needs to splash out, too.

If you're as bad at saving, like I am, invest in a 'Pot of Dreams'. You can't access the money
in it without smashing the pot. If you only fill it with £2 coins, it'll get you £1000 when it's filled!

3. Love 

Well... I'm not telling you to go stand on the street corner, but live your life. If the guy across the bar tickles your fancy, what's stopping you? As long as you're safe and comfortable, follow your urge! They'll probably be the moments you and your friends can giggle over when you're approaching 40 sipping on some cocktails. Your first love will always carry a special bond. But your first love isn't the be all and end all of your love life. 

4. Appreciate The Golden Oldies

When life is busy, it's easy to forget that the clock is forever ticking. People are not going to be around forever, and appreciating the time you have with them is really important. Plus, they always pass on some pretty handy wisdom. Some of my best memories are spent with my grandparents, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

5. Be Selfish

I definitely don't mean be like Regina George, but what I do mean is you need to look out for yourself. Most of the time, the people you think who've got your back, are the ones who put a knife there. Friends, family and partners - you'll be surprised who actually cares, and who's just along for the ride. You don't need these people in your life. If someone makes you feel less about yourself when you're with them, remember this golden rule - you're choosing to be there. Take control of your life. Get rid of the wrong un's. If you're choosing to hang around with somebody, choose somebody who enriches your life, who uplifts you; not somebody who tares you down and makes you feel less of yourself.

So that's it folks - what would be your words of wisdom?

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