Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Ultimate Holiday Guide: Ibiza Edit

As you probably know from my ramblings on Twitter, I'm heading to the sunny isle of Ibiza in the summer and I am so excited. I'm going for 5 nights and staying in a beautiful villa just outside of Playa D'en Bossa.

This'll be my third time on the beautiful island, and it's honestly like no other place on earth. If this is your first time - you'll make memories which will last you a lifetime. If you're heading back, then you'll know what I mean!

Here's some hints and tips to get the most out of your time there;

There is so much going on, you better at least look at a schedule before you go. Head over to Ibiza Spotlight where they have a full schedule for the summer for all of the big clubs and events. Trust me, it's worth it. This way you can have an idea of what you want to do when you get there. Otherwise, Club Promoters will eat you for breakfast. 

Get a cash passport - you won't have to carry cash around with you, and it isn't connected to your bank account. Also, if your card is lost or stolen, they get a new one sent to where you're staying. I would also recommend taking some cash with you though, so you don't need to keep going to the cash machine.

Walk across the beach in the day time - it'll get you cheaper entry! Lots of the main clubs have parades around San Antonio to attract club goers for the evening. They hand out flyers with discounts. There's also a long, long line of Club Promoters along the beach front waiting with wristbands and drinks vouchers for particular bars/clubs.

Hint: do not act like it is your first time. They will see you coming a mile off, and put you on a "packed" bar crawl which will be empty. Seriously, it's Ibiza, nobody does bar crawls. Go to a certified shop and buy your tickets there. They have nothing to gain from selling you tickets, they'll speak the truth! There's a record shop on the strip called Solo Records which is reliable.

There are buses that run to and from the clubs (well, close). You can pick up a schedule from the shops and it show the best buses for each of the clubs. This will save you a fortune. Plus, the buses have a great atmosphere on the way! There'll probably be police around when you're waiting at the station, don't worry, they're there to keep you safe. The bus station is at the very top of the West End. If you keep walking up the hill, you should get to it.

Definitely take a bag that you won't have to carry. Between the amount of people at the venues, getting to the bar, holding your drinks, taking pictures, dancing - you won't want to be holding a clutch. Invest in a bumbag (super safe also) or a backpack. If you do decide on a backpack, ensure you get one that has a hidden zip. I have a lovely one from Missguided that has a zip on the back of the bag that goes against your back. This way if somebody fancies digging through my bag, I know my essentials are safe.

Think really dressed up but as if you're hitting the beach. This is Ibiza, you'll see the extremes of both sides here, so mostly anything goes, but if you want to go with the flow a casual spin on a very glitsy outfit doesn't go a miss.

Do not take heels! Honestly, don't bother. There's like 1% who decide to do this, and you see them in visible agony. Ibiza is non-stop and you don't want to have to leave at 1am (clubs open at 12am) because your feet hurt. Especially at 50 euro a pop.

Last but not least...

Little Gem
If you're giving the big clubs a miss for the evening but still fancy some atmosphere and good music, head to Hush on the West End. It's an amazing hidden gem and gets really busy in the nights. It's open until 5am and often has up and coming DJs playing. 

Events change year on year, but there's always some that stick around. Kisstory was by far one of the best nights I went to. It has an amazing atmosphere, everyone's loving the old school tunes and you know every word to every song. This night is also a bit more mainstream, which is perfect for people who are not that in to the deep house side of Ibiza. 

Have an amazing time & stay safe!

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  1. In all honest its never been somewhere I have fancied even though i know its meant to be beautiful. I think the clubbing element put me off, but maybe one day!! Great post though