Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Is £2.50 for a Liquid Lipstick Worth it?

With how much make-up can cost these days, when I see something for under the £5.00 mark, I can't help but be a little apprehensive on whether it actually works. But lately, there's been a lot more of this, where the smaller, cheaper brands are taking the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills and the massive price tags on. We're seeing make-up brands like Make Up Revolution, who are dedicated to duping the brands that not everybody can afford, making it more accessible for everyone.

Take this Essence lipstick for example - from the outset, I think it looks really sleek, fresh and could possibly have a pretty hefty price tag. However, this bad boy costs just £2.50.

This is a lipstick with a twist. It has an innovative formula that brings the best parts of lipstick and a glass together, combining coverage of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. The packaging is also really cool. It really shows what you're getting - it has the bottle of a lip-gloss, but the shape of a lipstick.

The shade I have is 04 Show Off and is an absolute bargain at £2.50. Lets see if the bargain is worth it, shall we?

It applies really easily, but like anything of this shade, you have to be very careful of where you get it. It feels really nice on and isn't too clammy, but doesn't have the blotchy-ness of a lipstick either. It's not the type of thing I'd wear on a regular basis, but for every now and then, or maybe in the summer I think it's perfect. Something you can easily toss in your bag to brighten up any outfit.

For me, the bargain is a good un! Not too shabby for Mimi.

Do you have any steals that have followed through on their promise?

Buy Essence Liquid Lipstick here, for £2.50.

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  1. ooooo I love this colour on you!! I like, I like!