Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Ultimate Holiday Guide: Ibiza Edit

As you probably know from my ramblings on Twitter, I'm heading to the sunny isle of Ibiza in the summer and I am so excited. I'm going for 5 nights and staying in a beautiful villa just outside of Playa D'en Bossa.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Is £2.50 for a Liquid Lipstick Worth it?

With how much make-up can cost these days, when I see something for under the £5.00 mark, I can't help but be a little apprehensive on whether it actually works. But lately, there's been a lot more of this, where the smaller, cheaper brands are taking the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills and the massive price tags on. We're seeing make-up brands like Make Up Revolution, who are dedicated to duping the brands that not everybody can afford, making it more accessible for everyone.

Take this Essence lipstick for example - from the outset, I think it looks really sleek, fresh and could possibly have a pretty hefty price tag. However, this bad boy costs just £2.50.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What Would a Twenty-Something Year Old Do?

Being twenty-something comes with immense pressures. This year I'll be turning 25, and the impending doom that if I applied for The X Factor (not that I ever could, I'd trump the chicken man) I'd be on the Over's category honestly makes me want to sob into one of my many, many blankets. The last year or so, my taste has gone from buying that little black dress, to buying as many knitted things I can get my hands on (don't get me wrong, I'd never turn down a little black dress).