Thursday, January 28, 2016

How To Get Longer Eyelashes - In 12 Weeks!

How To Get Longer Eyelashes 

We've all had those moments of over-using eyelash curlers, and pulling all your eyelashes out; right? No? Just me? Oh. Well, yeah I did do this, and yeah it hurt like hell. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Looking at a strip of my lashes on the inside of my curlers was like looking at a puppy you know you can't have. 

I've tried many things to up my lash game, and often wear falsies (Eyelure 101's if you're keeping track for my birthday ;)). In my journey of lash-dom, I was delighted to hear from the lovely people at fLash who hit me up and offered me to try out their serum. How could a girl resits?

Who are fLash?

An American company, who are crafting their reputation by offering safe and effective cosmetic treatment products that perform brilliantly at an affordable price (what every girl dreams of, surely?).

So, I hear you cry, what is fLash Eyelash Serum*? fLash conditions lashes, even for people with sensitive eyes. It promises to give you long, sexy curled lashes - fast (well, around 6-12 weeks). It's physician formulated and tested and they even offer a money-back guarantee.

Easy 1-2-3 Step Application

1. Open

The bottle is really sleek looking, it's nice and compact so it can slide into any of your make-up bags; or if you're like me, one of your beauty draws. Remove the applicator brush from the tube (which is very similar to a liquid eyeliner), and be sure to wipe off any excess inside the edge of the tube. 

2. Glide

With one easy stroke (yeah, this never happens with liquid eyeliner), glide the brush along the lash line from one corner to the other. Think where you would put the eyeliner, not a mascara.

3. Wait

Just play the waiting game - fLash recommend you allow 2-6 weeks of daily application to start to notice a difference in your lashes.

So I've been using the serum daily (with the odd day missed because my head is like a siv) and my eyelashes are noticeably longer and also seem thicker.

fLash recommend to use the serum for the full 12 week course, but even after about 4-6 weeks you can start to see some results. The bottle is a full 3 month course so you know you won't run out, and like I said, I've used mine daily for the last three months (again, except for the odd day or two - whoops) and I still have serum left, which I'm definitely going to be using all up. 
Before and After

I made sure I took the above pictures after a shower, 4 cotton pads of micellar water and a whole day of no mascara, so trust me - it's legit!  I probably didn't notice how much it has improved the length due to it being over a 12 week period, however now looking at the before and after, there's definitely improvement! (Also, you can see an improvement in my eyebrows, which I recently had waxed ;))

I'm quite lucky that my eyelashes are relatively long anyway, and it only takes one of my handy mascaras to help a sister out. However, I'd definitely recommend this stuff. A picture speaks a thousand words and this pictures shouts fabulous lashes!

You can buy fLash serum, here for £31.00 a pop!

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