Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Room 101

What would I put in Room 101?

Okay, so there are plenty of serious things I would like to actually put in Room 101, however; there are also lots of annoying little things that the human race do that make me so angry I want to pull the head off a Barbie doll.

Today, I'm going to focus on those little pet peeves that peeve me the blog off. What better way to get out my built up frustrations, than slapping it on t'internet to see if any other weirdo's agree with me?!

The Word 'Haul'
Since entering the blogging world, this word has absolutely taken the biscuit. Everywhere I turn, somebody, somewhere, some how, is having a 'haul'. 

Noisy/Sloppy Eaters
Your mouth is not a washing machine. Please don't invite me in by swirling your food around your mouth in an open fashion. It's disgusting and actually makes me want to physically punch broken glass.

People With No Manners
Either when you open a door, or let them through on a junction. A. Simple. Thank. You. I am not here to serve you, sir. 

Wolf Whistling 
In no circumstance have I ever witnessed somebody be on the receiving end of a wolf whistle, and it end in positivity. Why do people think a wolf whistle will make you turn around and think, "Hmm that's the man for me. The guy who is glaring at me, with a weird grin from over the road. The whistler." THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Stop it.

One Floor Elevator Journey
Unless you have a particular reason why you are using the lift to go up one flight of stairs, get out and walk it. Seriously, one flight of stairs isn't going to kill you. I've been partial to a two flight lift journey (on my lazy, lazy days) but one flight is taking the wee-wee.

Clumpy Mascara
I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. But clumpy mascara doesn't look good on anybody. I honestly, truly believe that. It looks like you haven't washed your make-up off for days and could do with a teeny tiny comb.

Okay, I'm sorry if anybody was upset from the above. I was upset writing it. Living it. My purpose of this post was not to offend, but to extinguish my agonising pent up frustrations. I thank you, sweet internet. 

What would you put in Room 101?

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