Tuesday, October 06, 2015

A New Luxurious Nail Polish - True Brit London

Recently at an event,  True Brit London – a new nail vanish company were there to show us their goodies. and I was lucky enough to try out some of the products. Who are True Brit London, I hear you say? Worry not, sweet readers, I got ya' - as always.

Who are True Brit London?

They’re a nail enamel range that are all about being proud of being British – their shades are inspired by British heritage and have a big focus on London style which you can see throughout their range.

What’s different about True Brit London?

Their opulent formula has been exclusively blended to embrace the very finest ingredients, including Vitamin E, Elderflower & Rose extract. They're all about the luxury element, and you can definitely tell that by the way its packaged!

Lets put it to the test!

True Brit London, the new nail polish that oozes luxury.

I've been lucky enough to try their Pall Mall* and Ladies Day* colours. One a lovely deep purple, and the other classic Barbie pink!

Ladies Day

Out of the two, I thought I would have preferred the pink right off the bat. I've always been a fan of pink (although, I'm trying to step away from this now!) so when I saw this colour, I was immediately excited.

When I tried it on my nails, I was a teenie-weenie bit disappointed with the colour. I think with my pale skin complexion it was a little *too* barbie pink, so looked a little tacky. I do however think it would look b-e-a-utiful with a tan or on darker skin.

True Brit London, the new nail polish that oozes luxury.

Pall Mall

Recently, I've definitely been in to my darker colours for nails. I tried the a new nail vanish from Little Ondine in black and loved it, so was definitely excited to see this lovely deep purple from True Brit. It didn't disappoint, at all. It's absolutely perfect for the winter season coming up and looks so luxurious and classic. Winner for me!

True Brit London, the new nail polish that oozes luxury.

Do you prefer a shocking colour nail or sophisticated chic? 

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  1. I haven't heard of this brand - I love the sound of it though. Love the darker colour for the winter :) Kaz x

  2. I'm really liking the ingredients in these and love the colours. One to watch out for this season

  3. This is a totally new brand to me. I'm not a fan of the pink but the purple looks lovely.