Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How I Got Pastel Pink Hair 2.0

Okay, I thought I'd got over the pink period of my life. I really did. But it seems I am back and maybe brighter than ever. I ran out of my oVertone Pastel Pink Conditioner. It was a sad day. 
I needed my roots touched up too, and wanted it pulled through to the ends to get the brightness back after being brunette for so long (9 months - but that was a lifetime to me), so knew I needed a good lump of the pink stuff to get my hair back to the desired colour... I had a problem. It was - OUT OF STOCK.

Seriously. Not only did I have to wait ages for it to even get here from Vegas, I now had to wait extra long for it to get back in stock. Sometimes I feel like the whole world is against me (I hear the worlds tiniest violin playing somewhere...). In the meantime I thought I'd go get some non-sulphate shampoo to try and get the colour to last a little longer. 


I went to Boots and was browsing the hair care aisles, when, I noticed 3 for 2 banners on all hair products. Okay. I came in for one thing. But if I don't take advantage of the offer, I'm basically losing money, right? Yeah, I know. But HAIRCARE PRODUCTS.

So, after deciding I definitely was going to take Ms.Boots up on this offer, I had a browse through the many ailses of hair products (St Davids, Cardiff has an amazing section). I just so happened to stumble upon Pastel Pink Shampoo and Conditioner. I could barely hold my excitement. Seriously. You see, before I ordered oVertone, I searched the entire internet (not literally, my Googling skills are not even a C-) and couldn't find anything similar in the UK. 

Well it seems Boots were keeping this to themselves.

Bleach London Rose Shampoo & Conditioner

I bought the Bleach London Rose Shampoo and Conditioner, along with the Reincarnation Mask. I absolutely beamed out of the shop. Like for real. Oh yeah, forgot the best part. THEY ARE £6.00 EACH!

Sorry for the caps, I just am that excited.

Boots were out of the actual hair dye when I first bought the shampoo and conditioner. I took it to the hairdressers with me and they put it on after having an all over bleach. Due to the brightness of the bleach (and me not having chance to bathe in purple shampoo) I looked a little like a pink highlighter. Still looked lovely though.

Just after having an all over bleach, using
just the shampoo and conditioner



I then used it myself at home. Left is the shampoo (so foamy) and right is the conditioner. It's great because it actually foams up which means it's easy to get it all over. Especially for an amateur like myself.

The Rose does build up more of a tone after continued use. However, as always, I wanted more. I started looking to order some of the dye to just give me a deeper colour. They've been out of stock on numerous websites for ages - so I resorted to getting it from eBay for double the price (I couldn't wait).

Bleach London Rose Hair Dye

Again really easy to get it all over. I'm not great with hair and when I've dyed my hair before I've left massive patches throughout but I actually managed to use this so that must be a good thing!I was absolutely chuffed with the results. 

It may look like it has a purple tinge to it - it's probably due to the Silver Shampoo I use as I put it on before I used the dye to brighten the brassy tones. As I've said previously though I'm a bit of a addict of the ol' silver stuff and I always leave it on for ages. 

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  1. Your hair looks beautiful, I've been red for 4 years now and I've actually been looking at going pink, it's a nightmare to maintain though :(

  2. Oh your hair looks lovely, it makes me really want pink hair!!!

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite